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Now, more and more people are willing to come out as bisexual, do you have such relatives or friends around you? When your friend or your relatives come out as bisexual to you, what is your feeling? Surprised, unbelievable...Many times, people choose the most trusted person as their best confidant. When they say that they are bisexual, then your every move will have a great impact on them. Today, maybe we can talk about it.

1.Don't to say: Are you serious?

Your question has already made the other person feel that you don't believe him. You don't believe in the existence of bisexuality in
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the world. I think this time you should say, God, in the past, you must have worked very hard, and then give him a support hug. He chooses to tell you that the explanation is trusting to you, and he is very sure that you will stand on his side. So don't lose the trust of others, if you can accept bisexuality.

2.Don't over‐react.

If you can accept bisexuality. Don't yell, don't rush to tell everyone around you, he is bisexual, don't be excited to say: Does it means that you can date woman and man at the same time. If you don't accept bisexuality, don't say some overly aggressive words against bisexuality. Instead say,Thank you for trusting me.

3.Don't say words with a slang tone.

You have to know that at this moment, he is telling you a very serious matter, and your answer is ridiculous, proving that you do not believe him and bisexuality, no matter what, it is a great harm to him. More is that people will feel that you are laughing at him. Maybe you can say it seriously: Is there anything I can do for you?

4.Don't say: It doesn't matter to me.

Some things are not important to you, but they are the most important thing for others. Your inadvertent sentence may ruin a person's life. Maybe you can be patient. Allow them to tell you at their own pace. Acting as their best confidant.

5.Don't say it's a phase.

Bisexual, it's not just a phase. Because speaking out about your bisexuality has not been easy. However, believe that nobody has the right to dictate to you who you are or who you should be with, whether that's the same gender or not. As long as you are happy and that your partner makes you happy then that's all that matters.

Let them know you're always here for them. The best support for your friends is to believe in him, to be with him when he needs you, to listen to him, tell him that you will always be by his side. Anyway, as a bisexual, you can suggest your friends, go out and looking for their bisexual friends and supporters, if they like.
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