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October 11, is National Coming Out Day, Many people say their sexual orientation on their social networks, bisexual, lesbian or gay...Real or fake, we have no way to consider. Maybe you will feel that you have a face in front of your friends. Maybe you just want your friends to think that you are very trendy. Maybe you are just kidding. Of course, we do not deny that many of our true friends have spoken out their sexual orientation loudly on this day, congratulations to them. But for some people, I want to asy: Don't rush to prove that you are bisexual! Don't rush to give yourself a label,Espe
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cially young people.

1.Before you fully understand bisexuality.

Many people simply don't understand what is true bisexuality. They may simply think that they are attracted by both gender and are bisexual.Not only in terms of sex, but in many other ways, there are many unique places in bisexuality.

2.Before you confirm that you are bisexual.

Declaring that you are a bisexual is not a thing worth showing off. Many people use it to show off in front of friends.Bisexuality is just an ordinary human being, not very special, not worth showing off.It doesn't mean you are very hot, cool.We often hear people always say confused, why? Because they don’t confirm their sexual orientation.

3.Before confirm that you are safe.

Before you confirm that your family or friends are not extremely annoying and reject bisexuality.Although many people have slowly accepted bisexuality, there are still many people who are extremely disgusted with bisexuality.They even have personal and language attacks on some bisexuals.

4.Before confirm that you will not confused when you came out as bisexual.

In a person's life, there will be a lot of distressing things, the same as bisexuality. If you find there are more troubles and troubles than before.Please carefully consider whether to declare that you are bisexual.

5.Before confire that you don't care threesome.

I don't mean to say that you are bisexual, you have to accept threesome. If they want to meet or date you, you don't mind or hard to accept this relationship.Even if you don't accept it, you won't particularly hate this relationship.Such as: Women Looking For Couples, Couples Looking For Singles...
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